3 Tools to Stop Overthinking Today!

And Know Exactly What to do Next in Your Business and Life


In this Guide you will Learn:


What is the REAL Cost of Overthinking?

Overthinking costs - time, focus, revenue, bad hires, ability to scale and being present with my family. I don't want that to happen to you! In this Guide I show you a simple tool to clear the slate and refocus without leaving a long to do list.


Stay out of Decision Debt:

When we chronically overthink we become paralyzed and avoid making big decisions. We miss out on putting our self and services out there to get clients buying consistently. It is draining costly. I'll show you how to pick a goal and get an actual result. Spoiler, this is not another To Do list item that you'll never do.


Say Goodbye to Confusion and Overwhelm:

Confusion, overwhelm and doubt will stop us in our tracks every time. "I'm not sure what to do first / next in my business' seems fine, but this confusion will pull us out of momentum and keep us stuck. It keeps us from marketing authentically and becoming a leader. You'll learn how to spot it and defeat it in this guide.

The Profit Lounge.

Stephanie Heller has a way of zeroing on your bullsh*t, showing you how you're creating it and then pulling a plan together to change. She does this daily for business owners to stop overthinking and make simple decisions so they can add revenue, experience possibility and feel better quickly. She's an advocate and power partner to her clients and teaches brain and thought management tools that have 100% ROI so they can accomplish anything.